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Discover the district of Anjou

Anjou is the most important commercial and industrial pole in the east of the Island of Montreal. At the commercial level, we find the impressive malls like The Galleries of Anjou, Halle of Anjou, and several other well-established businesses. At the industrial level, we find numerous industries in an industrial area of the northeast of the district. We find among others the headquarters of several companies.

Anjou-sur-le-Lac is a new residential area of the city of Anjou in Montreal. The development is constituted of semi-detached cottages and 10 floors condo buildings.

An artificial lake is coupled with a pond for retention of run off water are a picturesque characteristic of the district. Water plants attract water birds and other wild animals, whereas the trees of streets, footbridges and green spaces create a peaceful atmosphere for the residents.

Attractions and leisure activities

The district of Anjou possesses near about twenty parks and islands of greenery, accessible to the population all year long. With their playgrounds, their paths and their luxuriant vegetation, these green spaces are places of choice to relax, play and practise various sports and activities.

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Some figures of the district of Anjou:

Public transportation:

2 subway stations are situated on the verge of the district of Anjou with the subway Radisson and Honoré-Beaugrand. Several circuits of bus cross the district whether it is towards the subway or to the west of the city such as the route 141 Jean-Talon.

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